Searching the Limited Partnerships Registers

Find out how to search the Business Registers for information about New Zealand and overseas limited partnerships, and their current status.

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Getting started 5 guides

To register a limited partnership you must first have an online services account. Find out about the Limited Partnerships Registers, how to set up your account, and use the online dashboard.

Managing your online services account 5 guides

About limited partnerships 6 guides

Limited partnerships are registered under the Limited Partnerships Act 2008. The registers of limited partnerships and overseas limited partnerships are administered by the NZ Companies Office.

Registering a limited partnership 3 guides

To register a limited partnership in New Zealand you must complete the application process and pay the registration fee.

Maintaining a limited partnership 8 guides

Deregistering a limited partnership 4 guides

If you terminate your limited partnership or ask for it to be deregistered, you must notify us so it can be removed from the register. The Registrar can also choose to deregister limited partnerships.

Restoring a limited partnership 2 guides

You can apply to the Registrar to have your limited partnership restored to the register. You'll need to provide evidence to support your application.

Forms and fees for limited partnerships (NZ) 3 guides

Forms you'll need in order to maintain your limited partnership, and a schedule of fees payable.