Updating registered documents and land changes

Filing a change of circumstances form

Operators of retirement village must keep their details up to date on the Retirement Villages Register.

What information you need to provide to us

The operator of a retirement village must notify us of any change of circumstances on Form RV3 (Change of circumstances).

Please note the following information if you're making changes that relate specifically to land details.

  1. Describe the change(s) in terms of which computer register and/or certificate of title becoming or ceasing to be relevant to the description of the village. To avoid a delay in the processing of the Form RV3, please ensure that the description of the change is accurate and complete, as this information will be used to notify Land Information New Zealand (LINZ).
  2. For a change involving a person holding security interest, list the names and addresses of each person involved and describe how each person is involved, for example, by stating or ceasing to hold the security interest.
  3. Where up to date copies of the affected certificate of titles are attached, ensure that all the relevant or affected security holders are reflected on the titles.


The Memorial Notice fee applies to land changes only.

The Memorial Notice fee applies to security holders over a certificate of title (CT). The fee is calculated off the CT and covers mortgages and encumbrance.

To determine the amount payable, enter the total number of security interest holders — for example, mortgagees and holders of an encumbrance — in box 1a in Column A of the following table.

   Total excl GSTGSTTotal incl GST
LINZ standard registration and lodgement fee     $153.04 $22.96 $176.00
Memorial Notices 1a x $5.00   +15% $
Total fee payable         $

Notifying LINZ

While it's our role to notify LINZ of changes to land details on behalf of the village operator, we can't guarantee when certificates of title or computer registers will be updated.

In some cases, notices can be rejected or requisitioned by LINZ and, in these cases, our role is to obtain further information, if applicable,from the presenter to satisfy LINZ.

Filing your documents

You can send any documents to be filed with us to:

Registrar of Retirement Villages
Private Bag 92061
Victoria Street West
Auckland 1142


Registrar of Retirement Villages
Level 1
162 Victoria Street
Auckland 1010