Steps to registering a retirement village

What documents you need and where to send them

To register a retirement village you must file an application form, provide the requested supporting documents, and pay a fee.

What information you need to provide

Your application for registration on the Retirement Villages Register must include:

  • a signed and completed application for registration of retirement village (Form RV1)
  • the form of the disclosure statement(s)
  • the form of the occupation right agreement
  • the full legal description of the property, building or premises comprising the retirement village. This will include copies of any certificates of title, plans, deeds, leases, or other documents evidencing that description, and identifying any electronic registers on which the certificates of title are recorded.
  • the name and address of any security holder registered against any of those certificates of title. (Where applicable, the certificate of title to be attached should be the updated version which reflect the relevant secured parties).
  • the name and address of the statutory supervisor, a copy of the statutory supervisor's consent to act and a copy of the deed of supervision, or
  • a copy of the exemption notice, if the operator of the retirement village is exempt under Section 41 of the Retirement Villages Act 2003 from the requirement to appoint a statutory supervisor.
  • the prescribed registration fee.

Paying the registration fee

The correct registration fee and Land Information New Zealand fees must be paid when you file your application for registration of a retirement village.

Processing your application

When an application is received it will be reviewed and, where appropriate, it will be registered.

A letter confirming registration will then be sent to the retirement village.

If an application doesn't contain the required information, this may delay the registration of the village, or your application may be rejected.

Filing your documents

You can send any registration documents to be filed with us to:

Registrar of Retirement Villages
Private Bag 92061
Victoria Street West
Auckland 1142


Registrar of Retirement Villages
Level 1
162 Victoria Street
Auckland 1010