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About us

The Companies Office is the government agency responsible for administering robust business registers for corporate entities, securities over personal property, capital markets and financial products.

Our role as part of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is to support a dynamic business environment to achieve a better-performing economy. We do this by focussing on making it as easy as possible for businesses to meet their compliance obligations while making sure their interactions with us are legitimate.


What is the Companies Register?

The New Zealand Register of Companies is an electronic register where company information and documents can be filed and viewed online on this website.

Companies with limited liability provide a framework for investment in business. They help foster confidence in businesses by governing the relationships between investors (shareholders), directors and creditors and by giving stakeholders a clearer picture of who and what they are dealing with.

A Register of Companies records basic details about every company and helps build this confidence.  

The Registrar of Companies also provides services, or is responsible for:


Other registers

In addition to operating the Register of Companies, the Companies Office maintains a number of other registers.

Learn more about our other registers



The Companies Office administers a wide range of legislation. A summary of key legislation to be aware of is provided here.

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Registries integrity and enforcement

The Companies Office focuses on integrity of the registers and takes enforcement action when necessary.

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Key statistics including how many companies and other entities are on the registers.

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