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APIs - Getting information directly from the Companies Office

If you're a high volume user of Companies Register information, you might want to consider establishing a direct connection to the Companies Office to increase business efficiency. You can do this through our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).


What are APIs?

An API is a technical interface that allows your system to talk directly to the Companies Office and retrieve information automatically. They're designed to allow rapid multiple searches, and can be developed and deployed within many different technology environments.


Who should consider using APIs?

High volume searchers on the Companies Office site are most likely to benefit.  Organisations that wish to create their own searching interface, for example on their own corporate intranet, may also find APIs useful.


What APIs are available?

You can carry out the following searches via APIs:

  • current name
  • director
  • shareholder
  • banned director or managers.


Are there any costs involved?

While there is no charge for using our APIs, the Companies Office doesn't provide the software you'll need to access them. You'll need to develop this yourself.


Technical information

The Companies Office provides Representational State Transfer (REST) services for retrieving information from the Companies Register and Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR). Further technical details, including full technical information on Companies and PPSR services can be found on the 'Explore APIs' section at


How do I get started?

You'll find everything you need to get started with APIs at


Last updated 20 October 2015