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What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) allows you to keep up to to date with news from this website. With an RSS feed, we can let you know when we have added things like news items or public notices to the website.


You will need a news reader

There are many different feed readers to choose from, most of them free. Many browsers come with a reader built in. You can download a reader, or use a web-based one. Different readers have different capabilities and display options, and some will even email you an alert message when a new item is published.

For more on feed readers, you can search the internet for “RSS reader” or “RSS news aggregator”.

Note | The New Zealand Companies Office is not responsible for the content of external websites.


How to receive news updates from this website

To receive news updates from this website, click on the Latest news RSS icon in our News & media centre. Depending on how your RSS reader is set up this may automatically subscribe you to the feed or you may need to:

  • copy the URL of the feed's page into your reader application, or
  • drag and drop the RSS icon to your subscription list.

Your news reader will periodically fetch the latest news from this site. 


Public notices RSS feeds

We also have several RSS feeds you can subscribe to and keep up to date with our latest public notices.


Last updated 10 February 2016