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Learn about

Whether you're new to the Companies Office or you've been using our online services for years this range of information is designed to help you do business with the Companies Office.

For new users there are comprehensive explanations on how to start, maintain or close a company.

For frequent users there are helpful tips to make things faster and simpler for you.

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You can use the 'search the register' function to find details of entities (New Zealand companies or overseas companies registered in New Zealand), directors (including disqualified directors), and shareholders.
Compliance requirements
An overview of your company's compliance requirements with the Companies Office.
Reserving a company name
The Registrar of Companies is responsible for the reservation of company names. This is the first step to incorporating your company with the Companies Office. If you wish to change the name of your company, you also need to apply to reserve the new company name.
Starting a company
Starting a company online (incorporating) is as simple as reserving your company name, completing the incorporation application and returning your signed consent forms. Here we will take you through how to incorporate or register a new company.
Company Authority
Company Authority is the name given to the authority management system for users who want to maintain company information on the companies register.
Updating company details
Use the online service to keep your company details up to date. In addition, update company information including director, shareholder and address details 24/7.
Filing your annual return
All companies are required by the Companies Act 1993 to file an annual return with the Companies Office regardless of whether or not they are trading. A company that does not file their annual return by the due date, risks being removed from the register.
Receiverships, liquidations and voluntary administrations
After your Companies Office login has been set up to access online services for receivers, liquidators, and voluntary administrators you are able to record details of your appointment, file reports and use our other tools to manage your portfolio.
Removals and restorations
You may need to close your company when it ceases to trade. Similarly if it is becoming increasingly difficult for your company to pay its debts as they fall due, you may need to take steps to avoid the company getting into further financial difficulty. It is also possible to restore some companies to the New Zealand Companies Register that have been removed
Your account
If you only want to search the registers (for example, to search for companies or other entities) you don't need a login. For all other online services you must register as a user of the website and login.
Companies - an introduction
If you are getting started in business there is plenty to learn. This range of resources is designed to provide some insight into companies - including directors, shareholders, addresses, name protection.
Overseas companies
Information and online services for overseas companies who are, or who intend to be, registered in New Zealand.
Other registers
In addition to operating the Register of Companies, the Companies Office maintains a number of registers.
New Zealand Business Number
In December 2013 all companies on the Companies Register were assigned a New Zealand Business Number (NZBN).