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Annual return reminders

There are two options for receiving annual return reminders.

  1. Email reminders
    To receive an email reminder to file future annual returns include your email address when filing your current annual return and we will send you reminders every year.

    Note | Any time your email address changes you should update your address on our records to ensure you still receive the reminders you're expecting. 
  2. TXT message reminders
    If you would also like a text message reminder provide us with your mobile phone number when you file this year's annual return.


Annual return reminder system

First reminder

We will send you a reminder via email on the first working day of the month that the annual return is due. You should make sure that the email address we have recorded for your address for communication is kept up to date.

For example, if your annual return is due to be filed during the month of August, we will send your first reminder on 1 August (or the next working day if the 1st is not a working day).

Second reminder

We are also introducing an extra reminder for clients. If you have not already filed your annual return by the third week of the filing month, we will send you an extra reminder.

Final reminder

If you don’t file your annual return during the filing month, we will send you a third and final reminder. We will send that final reminder approximately one week after the return was due.

Example | If your annual return is due to be filed in August, you will receive the following reminders:

  • First reminder - sent on 1 August (or the next working day if the 1st is not a working day).
  • Second reminder – sent in the third week of August if the annual return has not been filed.
  • Final reminder – sent approximately one week after the annual return is deemed overdue. You will still able to file your annual return, even if it is overdue, but you should do this as quickly as possible to avoid steps being taken to remove the company from the register.


Annual return extract

If you file annual returns on a company’s behalf but require authorisation you might like to use the annual return extract. 

The annual return extract contains fields where an authorised person can confirm what details (if any) need to be updated when the annual return is filed. There's also provision for that person to sign and date the authorised revisions. Please keep a record of this and use the revised details to complete the annual return online.


Last updated 2 November 2016