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How do you file your annual return

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You can start to file an annual return in a number of different ways.  Regardless of which way you start filing an annual return, a few things will always be the same.

  1. You must be registered to use the website.
    Learn about registering to use this website.
  2. You must have authority over that company. 
    Learn about company authority.


If you aren't logged in, or you don't have authority, when you start trying to file an annual return you will be prompted to login and to get authority. Once you have done this, you will be taken straight back to the annual return process.   

Here we describe one way to file your annual return: 

Step 1 - Search for the company

In this step you locate the company on the register.

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Step 2 - Get Company Authority

You need to have Company Authority for the the companies you file annual returns for. Company Authority is the name given to the authority management system for users of this website who need to maintain company information on the Register of Companies. You can skip this step if you already have authority for the company.

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Step 3 - File the annual return

To file your annual return you need to check and, if necessary, update some information about the company including - company addresses, director details and shareholdings. You can also change your annual return reminder details.

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Step 4 - Pay the annual return filing fee

The final step in filing your annual return is to pay the annual return fee. The fee to file an annual return is $41.40 (which includes a $10.35 FMA levy and a $6.90 XRB levy).

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What happens next?

  • You will receive an email confirming that the annual return has been filed.
  • You can check if the annual return has been filed by clicking on the Documents tab of the 'Company Summary'. You can get to the 'Company Summary' by searching the register for the company and selecting it from the search results.


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