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Annual returns for overseas companies

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Each year, every company on the register is required to file an annual return – including overseas companies. 

  • An annual return is not a tax return, it is simply an annual requirement for a company to provide certain details to the Companies Office.
  • Annual returns are filed online.
  • The fee for filing an annual return is $41.40 (which includes a $10.35 FMA levy and a $6.90 XRB levy).


Learn how companies registered as overseas companies in New Zealand file their annual returns.



When to file

Overseas companies must file an annual return with the Companies Office every year. Each company has an allocated filing month.


We will send the company email reminders

We will send email reminders to the company during the month that the annual return is due. These reminders are sent to the email address provided as the address for communication for the company.

First reminder | The first reminder is sent on the 1st day of the month.  For example, if your annual return is due to be filed during the month of August, we will send your first reminder on 1 August.

Second reminder | If you have not already filed your annual return by the 3rd week of the filing month, we will send you an extra reminder.

Final reminder | If you don’t file your annual return during the filing month, we will send you a third and final reminder.  We will send that last reminder on the 1st day of the month after the return was due. 


How to file

You can start to file an annual return for an overseas company in a number of different ways.  Regardless of which way you start filing an annual return, a few things will always be the same.

1. You must be registered to use the website.  Read more...

2. You must have authority over that company. 

Step 1 |  Search for the company

In this step you locate the company on the register.

  1. A search screen will appear so you can find the company you want to file the annual return for.
  2. Search for the company by typing in either the company name or its number then click Search >>.
  3. From the 'Search Results' section, select your company by clicking on the name of the company.

You will now see the 'File annual return' screen.

[icon] Tip.  You can skip this step if you use:

  • the File Annual Return link in the 'My Unfinished Business' tool on your dashboard, or
  • the link provided in your annual return reminder email.


Step 2 | File the annual return

To file your overseas company’s annual return you need to check some information about the company.  You will either Confirm as correct or, if necessary, update certain details, including:

  • The address of the place of business, or the principal place of business, in New Zealand.
  • The details of the people authorised to accept service in New Zealand of documents on behalf of the company (including physical addresses for each person).
  • The address for communication.
  • Annual return information - here you change the filing month for future annual returns (Note | You cannot change the annual return filing month to the current month).
  • Director details 1 – the full legal name and residential address of each director must be provided, their email address is optional.

    1 Note | Director details are not updated here for Australian overseas companies as they are provided to the New Zealand Companies Office by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC).  Read more about the sharing of documents with ASIC…


Step 3 | Pay the annual return filing fee

The final step in filing your annual return is to pay the annual return fee. The fee to file an annual return is $41.40 (which includes a $10.35 FMA levy and a $6.90 XRB levy).


Choose a payment option

You select which payment option you would like to use within the Choose a Payment Option section.

You can pay the annual return fee either by:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card or
  • Direct debit



[icon] Orange exclamation small Important information

After initiating payment please ensure you wait until you are presented with a confirmation screen or your requested information.

Please avoid clicking the browser back button or closing the window, this may disrupt your transaction.

Once your transaction is complete click on the Continue button.



What happens once the return has been filed?

  • You will receive an email confirming that the annual return has been filed.
  • You can check if the annual return has been filed by clicking on the Documents tab of the 'Company Summary'.  You can get to the 'Company Summary' by searching the register for the company and selecting it from the search results.


Last updated 30 June 2017

[image] ASIC logo.

The Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) now share documents with the Companies Office for Australian overseas companies registered in New Zealand.  Read more...

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