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Removal from the register

A company may be removed from the register for one of the following reasons:

  • By the Registrar when an annual return is not filed
  • At the request of a company's director, shareholder or other authorised person (generally when the company has ceased to operate)
  • At the completion of a liquidation
  • As a result of an amalgamation



Before closing down

A quick overview of what you need to know before closing down your company.

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When annual returns are not filed

If the Registrar can be satisfied that the company has ceased to carry on business and that there is no other reason for the company to continue in existence, they may remove the company from the register.

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Requesting a removal

The Registrar can initiate the removal process (deregistration) at the request of a director, shareholder or authorised person.

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At the completion of a liquidation

The Registrar must remove a company from the register when a liquidator forwards to the Registrar prescribed final reports and accounts in respect of the company liquidation.

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As a result of an amalgamation

If two existing companies amalgamate, the company no longer in existence must be removed on the day on which the Registrar issues a certificate of amalgamation.

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How we process company removals

The Registrar of Companies must give public notice of the intention to remove a company (deregistration). If no objections are received within 20 working days, the company is then removed from the register.

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Objecting to a removal

During the removal (deregistration) process there is an opportunity for creditors and other interested parties to object to the removal of a company.

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Overseas companies

There are two simple steps to having an overseas company removed from the register.

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