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Company addresses

You need to notify the Companies Office of three addresses for your company:

1. Registered office address

The registered office address of the company where company records are kept, and where certain records may be viewed by shareholders or (in the case of a public company) by the public; this must be a physical address - it cannot be a PO Box or Private Bag address or a 'virtual office' (that is, a mail/message collection point).


2. Address for service

An address where legal documents can be served on a company.  As with the registered office address, this must also be a physical address - it cannot be a PO Box or Private Bag address or a 'virtual office' (that is, a mail/message collection point).


3. Address for communication

This is an address that the Registrar will use to contact the company regarding administrative matters.  This address can be a postal address.  You supply details of this address when you first register your company with the Companies Office.  You will also be required to provide an email address.

Note | The registered office and address for service need not be at the company's place of business, nor in the same place.  For example, many businesses use the addresses of their accountant or solicitor as both their registered office and address for service.  But both addresses must be at a physical location within New Zealand, not a postal centre or document exchange or a 'virtual office' (that is a mail/message collection point).


Example of address formats

Acme Trading Company Limited

  1. Registered office address: 123 Main Street, Anytown
  2. Address for service: 123 Main Street, Anytown
  3. Address for communication: PO Box 345, Anytown  


Notifying address changes

If you need to change the registered office or address for service, you must:

  • Notify the Registrar at least five working days before the change(s) take place
  • Indicate when the change(s) will take effect.



Address verification (PAF)

The system will check the addresses used to ensure they match an address recorded on the NZ Post database.  If the address you want to enter is not yet included in that database you will have the option of entering it manually.


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