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Overseas companies hub

Overseas companies - You must register within ten working days of commencing to carry on business in New Zealand. This page contains links to the key information you will need.

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Updating details
Annual filing
Closing down


An overseas company is defined in the Companies Act 1993 as 'a body corporate that is incorporated outside New Zealand'.

Overseas companies must register on our overseas register if they wish to conduct business in New Zealand.

Learn about:

Registering an overseas company online is simple. Before applying to register your company you need a Companies Office Login.  

Learn more about:


Once an overseas company is registered there is a range of information to update as required.

Learn how to update the New Zealand's overseas register with:


Annual returns | Each year, every company on the register is required to file an annual return – including overseas companies.


Financial statements | All 'large' overseas companies (including Australian 'large' overseas companies) are required to file financial statements with the Companies Office under section 207D(1)(a) of the Companies Act 1993.


When an overseas company intends to cease to carry on business in New Zealand, it is required to give public notice of that intention.

The company must then wait at least three months after giving public notice before submitting the required notice to the Registrar.