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Who can grant or revoke authority?

There are different levels of Company Authority that apply to the Company Authority management system.

Once you have Company Authority for a company, when you view the 'Company Details' screen you will also see an Authority tab.  What you see here depends on your level of authority.

  • Directors with Company Authority will be able to see the details of all authorised persons, including:
    • any pending applications, and
    • historical data for authority requests.
  • Authorised persons (such as accountants and lawyers) are also able to see details of other authorised persons and any historical data for authority requests.


So who can do what?

  • Directors can approve or reject Company Authority requests for other directors and authorised persons and can revoke Company Authority for directors and authorised persons.
  • Authorised persons can approve or reject requests only for directors.
  • An authorised person or authorised organisation can only revoke their own authority.
  • Directors who have resigned cannot remove themselves as a director. This is because they no longer have authority to act on behalf of the company. To remove a director someone else with authority to act must give notice to the Registrar.


Last updated 14 July 2015