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Invoices & fees

If you have set up a direct debit with the Companies Office you will be invoiced monthly via email for any fees charged to your account.

At the beginning of each month, you will be emailed an invoice detailing all fee-bearing services used during the previous month. 

The invoices will be sent to the email address you have given us when you set up the direct debit.  You can do this either as part of setting up your direct debit when you first register to use the website or by maintaining your account.

Note | For an organisation, only an Administrator can update the email address for tax invoices . 


The 'Invoices & fees' tool 

Using the Invoices & fees online tool you can view details of fees you have been charged, payments you have made, and credits you have received along with details of your invoiced transactions.

Notes | You will only be able to see details of transactions where you have been charged a fee.  You will not be able to see details of any free transactions you might have completed. 


To access this option you will need to be logged in as a registered user of the website.

From the Online Services - Do It Now menu select Your account then Invoices & fees.

In the Search Results section of the screen you will see your invoices for the past six months. By changing the 'search criteria' (in the top section of the screen) you are able to see other details. For example, using the 'Search For' criteria you can choose from:

  • Fees - to see details of each fee you have been charged,
  • Invoices - for details of each invoice we have issued to you,
  • Payments – for details of payments you have made, or
  • Credits – to see details of any credits (refunds) you have received.


In the Date Range fields you can change the start and end dates you want to see details for.

There are other options that will allow you to do quite specific searches.  For instance using the Amount criteria you can restrict your search to Fees, Invoices, Payments or Credits of a certain dollar amount.  You can also search for specific invoices or credit notes using their reference numbers.  Check the options on screen for other criteria you can use.


To get a copy of an invoice

In the Search Criteria section complete the following fields:

Search For: Select ‘Invoices’
Date Range: Enter a start and end date that will capture the invoice you are looking for.

Then click on the Search >> button.

Note | If your search result list displays too many results you can narrow your search and you can also enter other criteria.  For example:

  • The invoice number (if you know it)
  • The invoice amount
  • Company number or name (This could be useful if you use your account to manage a number of different companies).


From the Search Results section click on the invoice number you want to view.  You can now see the Invoice details (including the status of the invoice).  If you choose the View Tax Invoice >> button you can view and print a copy of the tax invoice.


View details using Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet programmes

If you choose the Extract All To File >> button you can view your search results in an CSV format that can then be opened using most spreadsheet programmes. 


Last updated 13 February 2017