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Receiverships, liquidations and voluntary administrations

We have a suite of services and features on our site to allow receivers, liquidators and voluntary administrators to file documents and manage their portfolios online.

These online services speed up document filing and assist with managing your statutory obligations as an receivers, liquidators and voluntary administrators.


Getting started

To access the online services for receivers, liquidators, and voluntary administrators you will need to:

  1. Register to use the online services of this website. When you set up your Companies Office account (Step two) you must choose the option to 'register an account on behalf of an organisation'. Read more registering to use the website.
  2. Make a request to have the receivership, liquidation, and voluntary administration management services activated on your login. To do this please complete and email the following form back to  and contact us on Freephone 0508 266 726 during normal business.


After your organisation's online account has been set up to access online services for receivers, liquidators, and voluntary administrators your account administrator then needs to activate permissions for each of their users who needs to access this specialist service. To do this administrators should:

  1. Login to our website
  2. Select Online Services - Do It Now
  3. Choose Your account > Organisation settings
  4. Click on the Users tab then select each user requiring permissions and choose Yes to grant them permission to use the 'Liquidator/Receiver/Voluntary Administrator' services.
  5. Choose View all Users to return to the main account administration screen.


What can you do?

The users that have the necessary permissions are now able to record details of appointments or begin filing reports and using our other tools to manage their portfolio.

  • Login to our website
  • Select Online Services - Do It Now
  • then select Your account > Receiverships & Liquidations


From the Administration, Receivership and Liquidation Listing screen you can:

  • Notify your appointment as an Administrator, Receiver or Liquidator of a company by selecting the Appoint tab
  • View a list of reports already filed or due to be filed by selecting the All Filed Reports or All Due Reports tabs
  • At the bottom of the screen is a list of all the companies including in your listing. Click on linked text to view more details about that company.
    • Company Summary (Company number, incorporation date, company status) and Directors details
    • View and edit your details as the Liquidator, Receiver, or Administrator (whichever applies)
    • File a new report for the company or check which reports are due or have been filed.


[image] Liquidation, Receivership, and Voluntary Administration listings.


Last updated 19 January 2017

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