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How do you get a company extract?

When you search the register for a company you can get an extract. There are two types of extract available:

  1. Company extract or
  2. Annual return extract.



What is a company extract?

A company extract is a summary of the registered details for a company at a given date and time, including:

  • Company number and name
  • Current status (for example - Registered, In Receivership, In Liquidation, Removed)
  • Company addresses
  • Director and shareholding details.


What is an annual return extract?

An annual return extract is a summary of the information needed to file the company's annual return. It contains fields where an authorised person can confirm what details (if any) need to be updated when the annual return is filed. There is also provision for that person to sign and date the authorised revisions.


The quick steps for getting an extract

  1. Begin by searching for the company.
    Find out how to search for a company
  2. From the 'Company Details' screen select Company Extract
  3. To obtain the annual return extract select My Tools from the 'Company Details' screen  then choose Annual Return Extract.


Extracts now contain QR codes

Each extract for a New Zealand registered company contains a QR Code. The QR Code provides another way to access to your company details.

If you can scan the QR Code on a company extract or an annual return extract using a mobile device you'll be directed to the 'Company Details' page for that particular company. The QR Code will only provide access to the publically available company information already displayed on the Companies Register.

Note | The QR Code will provide a snapshot of the company's details at the time of scanning. If you're viewing a paper based extract, the information displayed is a snapshot of the company details at the time it was printed.


Below are some examples of QR codes

Example 1 | When scanned, this QR code will direct you to Invert Robotics Limited on the Companies Office Register, the Supreme Winner of the 2012 ANZ Flying Start Business Plan Competition, run by

[image] Example of a QR code.


Example 2 | When scanned, this QR code will direct you to ecostore Company Limited on the Companies Office Register. Founded in 1993, ecostore is a proudly owned New Zealand company that creates cleaning, body care and baby care products that are healthier and safer for people, as well as the planet.

[image] EcoStore QR code.


How do I use the QR Code?

Firstly, you must have an appropriate QR Code scanning App on your mobile device. These can be downloaded from the relevant App store for your mobile device.

You can view and the QR Code by opening your company extract or annual return extract. From here you utilise your mobile devices QR Code Scanner.

Once you have the appropriate App installed on your mobile device, open the App and follow the instructions provided by the App developer on how to use your QR Code scanner.  


Quick links to view your company’s details

Company extracts and annual return extracts also contain a quick link to your company details page.

You can use this link to view the 'Company details' for your company. 

Note | This link will only provide access to publically available company information already displayed on the Register.

Look for the quick link at the bottom of the extract.

Last updated 23 March 2016

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