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For directors or shareholders

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Using the Director Search option you can determine whether an individual is, or has been, a director of a company. You can also see whether a person is a disqualified director. You also have the option of searching for company shareholders.
Search for a company director or shareholder

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  1. Click on Options
  2. From the drop-down list select the type of search you wish to conduct:
    • Directors
    • Shareholders
    • Disqualified Directors or
    • Directors/Shareholders.
  3. Enter your search criteria into the 'Search' field. 
    • For a director search this could be the director's surname or perhaps one of their first names.
    • For a shareholder this could be an individual's name or the name of an entity.


A list of possible matches will be displayed on screen and you can click on any one of these results to view the details of that director.

Click on the SEARCH button to display the complete search results list for your search criteria. From the search results screen you have the option of conducting an Advanced search.

Advanced search

Using the advanced search option you can customise your search in several ways. For example, you can search for directors:

  • for a certain entity type or entity status (Registered, External Administration or Removed)
  • of a certain status (Current or Ceased)
  • with a certain address. 

Learn more about the advanced search option

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