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NZAU Connect Mobile

[image] NZAUCONNECT - Mobility, Simplicity, Convenience...

NZAUCONNECT is a mobile application developed jointly by the New Zealand Companies Office (NZCO) and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) that allows users to do a combined search of the NZCO and ASIC Registers.

Using the app you can search over 2.5 million New Zealand and Australian companies and 1.7 million organisations included on the Australian Business Names Register, using your mobile device.

NZAUCONNECT has been designed to simplify the process of searching for companies and business names.  The details you need are provided in an easy to understand format. 

This easy to use mobile app is an essential addition to any user’s business application toolbox.  NZAUCONNECT is free to download and free to search.

Use the links below to download NZAUCONNECT from the iTunes App and Google Play App Stores. 


Download NZAUCONNECT now for free

Get NZAU Connect on Google Play    Get NZAU Connect from iTunes
How to search
Filter your search
How to add to favourites
How to share details
  1. Download NZAUCONNECT from the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store.
  2. Open NZAUCONNECT on your mobile device. You will be directed to the NZAUCONNECT homepage.
  3. From here you can select to search By name or By number for a particular Australian (AU) or New Zealand (NZ) company or a particular AU business name.
  4. You can choose to complete a combined search of both the NZ and AU Registers or select an individual country.
  5. Click on the Search button to display your search results.
  6. From the search results page, you can select a company or business name to view more details.
  7. Use the back button to return to the search results page.
[image] NZAU - Search screen.
[image] NZAU - Search details screen.

The total number of results found for each country will be displayed next to the countries name.

You can filter your search results by country by selecting either the Australia or New Zealand tabs.

By default, search results shown are for all registered and unregistered companies and business names. You have the option to view only registered companies and business names by ticking the box next to Display Registered Only.

[image] NZAU - Search screen result.

[icon] Favourites. From the top right hand corner of the  'Details' screen select the ‘Favourite’ icon.

Choose CONTINUE to add the company or business to your Favourites. 

[image] NZAU - Search details screen.
[image] NZAU - Favourites.

[icon] Share. From the top right hand corner of the 'Details' screen select the Share icon.

Select to either EMAIL the details via your mobile phone's mail service or COPY the details to be pasted where appropriate.

[image] NZAU - Share screen.

Which devices to use

NZAUCONNECT has been designed specifically for use on iPhones and Android capable devices. In the meantime you can continue to use the search functions on both the Companies Office website and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission website.


If you receive the error ‘Unable to connect'

  • Make sure you're connected to Wi-Fi or your mobile carrier’s data connection.
  • Make sure your device is not on ‘Airplane Mode’ as this will prevent you from connecting to Wi-Fi or your mobile carrier’s data connection.
  • Check the Companies Office website for outage notices.


If the wrong data seems to be displayed in the search results

Refresh your search as the information for a company/business may have been updated.


If you can't find NZAUCONNECT in my iTunes App Store

Make sure your Apple ID is linked to either the Australian or New Zealand App Store.