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Applying to incorporate a company

1. Reserve a company name

Before incorporating a company you must have reserved a company name. The steps outlined below assume this step has already been completed. 


[icon] Orange exclamation small Remember to check the expiry date for your name reservation

You must complete the incorporation process within 20 working days of reserving your company name. This includes the final step of returning the signed consents.


2. Login

To apply to incorporate your company you will need a Companies Office Login. If you already have a login, choose the Login option in the top right hand corner of the screen and login using your RealMe® credentials.


Once you've logged in you should see your dashboard. When a company name has been reserved, a new task will be displayed on your dashboard prompting you to complete a company application for incorporation.  

Click on the Complete Coy Application link within your task list.


3. Company summary

You need to provide some basic details about the company - how many directors, shareholders and shares it will have. You also need to indicate whether you want to register for tax.

Next click on the Company Addresses button.

Each of the remaining steps of the incorporation process are outlined here:

Company addresses

You must provide a minimum of three address types when incorporating a company. In this step you also choose your annual return filing month.

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Every company must have at least one director that lives in New Zealand (or lives in Australia and is a director of a company incorporated in Australia). There are some restrictions regarding who can be a director of a company.

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Shares & shareholders

Each company must have at least one share and one shareholder. You need to record the full name and address of each shareholder.

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Constitution (optional)

You can incorporate a company in New Zealand with or without a constitution. A constitution sets out the rights, powers and duties of the company, board, each director and shareholder.

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Tax registration (recommended)

Apply for a company IRD number, register as an employer and register for GST when you incorporate your company online with the Companies Office. You'll receive your IRD/GST details at the time of incorporation and your employer registration pack within 10 working days of receiving your IRD number.

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Review your application details before proceeding to the final step.

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You must pay the application fee to submit your application for incorporation. You can pay by direct debit, credit card or debit card.

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What happens next?

Once you have completed the steps outlined above, you'll need to upload the signed director and shareholder consents.


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Last updated 19 January 2017

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