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Updating company details

To update or maintain any company details with the Companies Office you need to:

  1. login as a registered user of the website and
  2. have Company Authority for the company.


Step one | Locate the company to update

From the Online Services - Do It Now menu choose Update Company Details then choose which details you need to update (Company addresses, director details, shares or shareholders, company name, etc).

Find the company by entering some search criteria (for example, either the company name, the company number or the NZBN).

From the Search Results select the company to update. 


Step two | Update the company's details

Once you have located the company to maintain, you can update the following details: 

Director details

The companies register contains details of each company director - their full legal name, residential address and date of appointment. As these details change, the changes must also be recorded on the register. Learn how…


Company addresses

Companies are required to update the companies register with any address changes. Update company address details online for free. Learn how…


Shares & shareholders

Where a company has made share changes these will be recorded in the company's share register.  When the total number of shares is increased or decreased - these changes must be notified to the Registrar of Companies within 10 working days. Learn how…


Change company name

You can change the registered company name online. The only fee charged is for reserving the new name ($11.50). The change itself can then be completed online at any time FREE of charge. Learn how…


Financial reporting

Is your company required to register financial statements in accordance with the requirements of the Companies Act 1993, Financial Reporting Act 2013 or Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013? Learn more…



After incorporation a company may decide to amend its constitution or, if the company had no constitution, adopt one. Learn how…


Additional company information

Companies have the option of providing extra information about their company on the New Zealand Register of Companies including their trading name, website address and other details. Learn how…


Company badge

New Zealand companies now have the option to install a Company Badge within their own website. When someone clicks on the Company Badge they will be directed to the company details page for that particular company on the New Zealand Register of Companies. Learn more...


Other maintenance options include:


An amalgamation is the means of merging the assets and liabilities of two or more amalgamating companies, with one continuing as the amalgamated company, and the other (or others) being removed from the register. Learn more… 


Lodging other documents online

If no specific online service is provided for a document you wish to file with us - you can still send the document to us online using the Lodge Other Document service. Learn more…


Corrections to the register

If incorrect details are displayed for your company on the New Zealand register of companies or the overseas register due to an error arising from filing, you may be able to apply for correction. Learn more…


Amend annual return filing month

You can amend your annual return filing month online for free. Learn how...


Last updated 1 July 2017