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Company addresses

Before you begin

To update or maintain any company details with the Companies Office:

  1. You need to login as a registered user of the website.
  2. You must also have Company Authority for the company.


Step one | Locate the company to update

From the Online Services - Do It Now menu choose Update Company Details then Company Addresses

Find the company by entering some search criteria (for example, either the company name, the company number or the NZBN).

From the Search Results select the company to update.


Step two

Click on the Addresses tab then choose the Update Details button (see illustration below).[image] Update company address details.


What addresses do you need to update?

A range of information is held for each company on the companies register. Included are a number of addresses for each company including:

  • the registered office address,
  • address for service, and
  • an address for communication. 


As these address details change, the changes must also be recorded on the register.


Key points to note

  • Confirm what date the change will take place - 
    • Changes to registered office address and address for service must be updated at least five working days before the address takes effect.
    • Changes to other addresses should be updated as soon as possible.
  • Ensure you have full details of the address to be updated before you go online to record the update.
    • All addresses, except for the address for communication, must be a physical address in New Zealand (that is, the address cannot be a Private Bag, DX or a 'virtual office' - a mail or message collection point).
  • Addresses you enter will be verified online (PAF).
  • It is FREE to update company addresses with the Companies Office. 


Address verification (PAF)

The system will check the addresses used to ensure they match an address recorded on the NZ Post database. If the address you want to enter is not yet included in that database you will have the option of entering it manually.



Why doesn't the new address update straight away?

Changes to the Registered Office and Address for Service must be filed with the Registrar of Companies at least five working days before the new address takes effect.

When you initially change the address, the old address will still appear on the register for five working days. After five working days, the address change will take effect and the old address will be replaced with the new address.


Last updated 19 January 2017