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Shares & shareholders

A range of information is held for each company on the companies register, including:

  • The full name and address of each shareholder.
  • The total number of shares for the company.
  • The number of shares held by each shareholder (share allocation).

The details are updated on each annual return but changes can also be recorded on the register as they change.

Key points

  • Companies are required by the Companies Act 1993 to maintain their own share register.  The information held on the companies register about a company's shares and shareholding does not replace the requirement for a company to maintain its own register.
  • It is FREE to file changes online.
  • To update details about shares or shareholders you need to have Company Authority.

Before you begin

To update or maintain any company details with the Companies Office:

  1. You need to login as a registered user of the website.
  2. You must also have Company Authority for the company.


Step one | Locate the company to update

From the Online Services - Do It Now menu choose Update Company Details then Shares & Shareholders

Find the company by entering some search criteria (for example, either the company name, the company number or the NZBN).

From the Search Results select the company to update.


Step two

Click on the Shareholdings tab.

To update how the shares have been allocated, shareholder details, or the share total select the ‘update details’ button on the right hand side of the page.

The Companies Act requires Companies to maintain their own share register that records the company’s share and shareholder details.  To remind you of this an acknowledgement will appear onscreen before any changes can be made.  Tick the box provided and select the continue button.

You will now be presented with the shareholding page.  From here you can complete the following tasks:

It is FREE to update your share details online.


What shareholding details can you update?

You can update the:

  • List of shareholders - add or remove shareholders or edit shareholder details (such as their address).
  • Share allocations - Add to or remove shareholders from allocation, create new or remove existing allocations.
  • Total number of company shares - Decrease or increase total number of issued shares.


Last updated 24 July 2017