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Changes to how shareholders can receive annual reports

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9 August 2017

‘FMC reporting entities’ will now have alternative options for sending annual reports. This will result in time and cost savings, and a reduction in the amount of paper required. This change came into effect on 9 August 2017.

Read the definition of FMC reporting entity

Currently these entities are required to send a copy of their annual report or a notice to every shareholder every year asking if they would like to receive a copy.

Under the new process, ‘FMC reporting entities’ can instead:

  • Make annual reports publicly available online; and
  • Send a one-off notice to shareholders asking if and how they would like to receive annual reports.

A shareholder can at any time contact the company to change if and how they receive the annual report.

An FMC reporting entity that issues equity securities under the FMC Act must use the new process for distributing annual reports that relate to accounting periods that end after 31 December 2017.

Other ‘FMC reporting entities’ can choose whether or not to follow the new process.

More information is availabe on the legislation website 


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