Authority for managing information

Confirming you have authority to manage information on our registers

Our online register systems are set up to protect you and your business and make sure that unauthorised persons cannot make changes to your account in any way.

Being a company director or business owner doesn’t mean you will automatically have had your authority confirmed.

If you have never set up an online account, submitted financial statements or completed an annual return online in the relevant register (which would have required a RealMe® login), then there is a high chance you haven't confirmed your authority with us. To check this, you can search for your business in the relevant register, login using RealMe® and if you have authorisation over your business (or a number of businesses) you will immediately see your dashboard displayed.

You can confirm authority a number of ways

Do it yourself right now

You can confirm authority immediately by using your New Zealand driver licence or passport details. For this to work, the name on your ID must be an exact match to your name and date of birth in the business record. Search for your business in the relevant register and select ‘request authority’. This will take you to the RealMe® page where you need to log in or create one if you haven’t already. From there, you’ll be taken through a series of prompts to verify your ID.

New Zealand Companies Office

Ask your agent for help

If your agent (such as accountant or lawyer) or someone else has been given authority over your business to maintain your records on your behalf, they can add you to the list of authorised persons on your account. While this is not difficult, it may take time if that person is not accessing their emails and has therefore not responded to the request our system generates for them to confirm your authority.

More information on confirming authority

We have guides on confirming authority for a range of different entity types, including: