Welcome to the home of the new Companies Office websites

The Companies Office website is the parent website, containing insights and articles, news and notices and legislative information about the Companies Office including what we do and who we are.

The Companies Register website contains register search, login access and help guides to support the tasks you are responsible for.

In the Companies Register website, we have redesigned the navigation to make it easier for you to get your tasks done quickly.

  • A manage and maintain section, where all the register links are stored (previously the online services tab)
  • A new help centre that contains 118 helpful guides. From choosing a type of company for your business to restoring a company to the register, everything you need to know about the register and your obligations can be found here
  • An improved search facility, for example, you can now filter by only those companies that are registered, have been removed or are in liquidation
  • Easy access to the other registers we administer, such as Limited Partnerships in the All Registers tab

Watch our video to be one of the first to see the new design.

No matter how you currently access your tasks in the Register, redirects will take you to the new pages on the new website. Each of the pages that you use on a regular basis can be saved as favourites — which will help you save time.

Once you get used to the new design and navigation, we would appreciate your feedback so that we can continue to improve our service.


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