Updating rules and building society details

Making changes to the rules and details of a building society

You need to advise us of changes to your rules, directors, manager, secretary or registered office.​

Alterations to the rules

Rules must be approved by a special resolution of members and a copy signed by a director and the secretary filed with us within 14 days.

The information required to be provided to us is outlined in Form 2, Building Societies Regulations 1989 .

Change of directors, manager or secretary

Written notice is all that is required under section 88 of the Building Societies Act 1965 (the Act) . The notice must:

  • be delivered to us within 1 month of the change having taken effect, and
  • state the full name and address of the person as well as details of the office that they have taken or relinquished.

Change of registered office

You must notify us in writing within 14 days of a change to the registered office. 

Send your documents

Any documents to be filed must be sent to:

Registrar of Building Societies
Northern Business Centre
Private Bag 92061
Victoria Street West
Auckland 1142

Commonly asked question

Can a person become a member of a building society after incorporation?

Yes. A member includes any person who for the time being holds a share in the society or who succeeds to any of the rights or liabilities of a member. The rules of a society may allow a person to become a member without holding a share in the society.