Filing requirements of industrial and provident societies

For annual returns and financial statements

Every industrial and provident society must register an annual return and some need to file audited financial statements.

Annual return

Every industrial and provident society must send an annual return to the Registrar within 3 months of each balance date. An annual return confirms the details held on the register and that the society still exists — this filing differs from any financial reporting filings and cannot be opted out of.

The Registrar has prepared an annual return form and will send courtesy reminders to the society when the annual return is due.

If you don't file an annual return

If an annual return is not filed by the due date, the society risks being removed from the register as the Registrar may be satisfied that the society has ceased to exist.

Financial statements

‘Large societies’

It is only ‘large’ societies and other societies which have not opted out of compliance as per section 8K that must prepare and file financial statements as per the following requirements in Section 8A-8M of the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1908:

  • Prepare financial statements if the society is a ‘large registered society’ in terms of section 45 of the Financial Reporting Act 2013 and for each society unless it has opted out of preparation under section 8K;
  • Have its financial statements audited unless it has opted out of an audit under section 8K;
  • Send copies of its financial statements, to its members within four months of balance date with a copy of the audit report if applicable;
  • File copies of its financial statements and auditor’s report with the Registrar; and
  • Allow members to inspect financial statements and auditor’s report. The procedures for opting out are set out in section 8K-8M.

When financial statements are due for filing

Financial statements under section 8D must ensure that, within 4 months after the balance date, copies of their financial statements and a copy of any auditor’s report on those statements are delivered to the Registrar for registration.

Filing your documents

Any documents to be filed with us can be sent to:

Companies Office
Private Bag 92061
Victoria Street West
Auckland 1142