Maintaining your screen industry organisation registration

Keeping your organisation's information up to date on the register and its ongoing responsibilities to the Registrar

A registered screen industry organisation has obligations in how it is run and maintained. Those obligations are defined in 3 different pieces of legislation, the:

  • Incorporated Societies Act 1908
  • Employment Relations Act 2000 (if your society is registered as a union), and
  • Screen Industry Workers Act 2022.

On this page:

Filing your annual return of members

You must send a return to the Registrar of Screen Industry Organisations that confirms your membership numbers as at 1 March each year.

Complete ‘Form SIO-2 – Annual return of members’ and send it to us by 1 June each year. We’ll send you a reminder by email in March.

The information you’ll need to provide

The return must be signed by an officer of the organisation. You will also need to provide the following information, all of which will be published on the register.

  1. The name of the organisation and its registration number.
  2. The date of the annual return.
  3. Details of the occupational contracts that apply to its members.
  4. The occupational contracts to which the organisation is a signatory party.
    Occupational contracts cover all work done by an occupational group. These groups are set out in Schedule 2 of the Screen Industry Workers Act 2022 and comprise composers, directors, game developers, performers, post-production technicians, production technicians and writers. Occupational contracts will be negotiated by engager and worker organisations.
  5. The estimated number of:
    • Members that hire workers in each occupational group (if you’re an engager organisation) OR
    • Members of the organisation in each occupational group (if you’re a worker organisation).
  6. Details of the officer who signs the annual return (their name, email address, postal address, contact number and the office they hold).

Send us your annual return

Send the completed annual return form to us, by email or by post.

It’s faster to send us your return by emailing it to

Use this address to send us your return by post:

Companies Office
Private Bag 92061
Victoria Street West
Auckland 1142

Or to send it by courier:

Companies Office
Level 1, 162 Victoria Street West
Auckland 1010

Filing annual financial statements

Because your organisation is an incorporated society you must prepare annual financial statements. Once they’ve been approved at a general meeting, you must provide a copy of those statements to the Registrar of Incorporated Societies.

Keeping society details up to date on the register

As an incorporated society, your organisation must keep certain details up to date on the Incorporated Societies Register. Below are some of the most common updates:

Any change in registered office address

Every society must have a registered office and must advise us of its address. If your organisation changes its registered office address, you must update this on the register.

Rule changes

Your rules must state how they can later be amended. Any rule change is only valid once you have registered it with the Registrar of Incorporated Societies.

Rules must comply with all of the relevant legislation

You must ensure that any rule change complies with all relevant legislation, in particular the Incorporated Societies Act, the Employment Relations Act and the Screen Industry Workers Act.