Registration fees

Calculate what fees you need to pay

A retirement village registration fee, Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) registration and lodgement fee, and Memorial Notice fee must be paid at the time you file your application for registration.

Calculate what fees you need to pay

The correct registration fee must be paid when you file your application for registration of a retirement village.

A Memorial notice fee applies to security holders over a certificate of title (CT). The fee is calculated off the CT and covers mortgages and encumbrance.

To determine the amount payable enter the total number of security interest holders — for example, mortgagees and holders of an encumbrance — in box 1a in Column A of the table below.


 Column AColumn BTotal excl GSTGSTTotal incl GST — Fee
(A) x (B)
Registration fee      $782.61 $117.39 $900.00
LINZ standard registration and lodgement fee     $153.04 $22.96 $176.00
Memorial notices1 1a x $5.00 A x B +15% $
Total fee payable