Renewal of exemption

What to include in your application for renewal

An application for renewal of an exemption from the requirement to appoint a statutory supervisor is usually considered within 20 working days.

Application for renewal checklist

To apply for a renewal of an exemption from the requirement for a statutory supervisor you must:

  • complete an application for exemption from requirement for statutory supervisor (Form RV5).
  • confirm that the conditions of the previous exemptions have been met.
  • confirm that the grounds on which the original exemption was granted haven't changed. If any of those reasons have changed, you should provide as much detail as possible.
  • confirm that the residents of the village have been notified of the application for exemption. You should attach a copy of a letter sent to each resident advising them of the application.
  • provide an up to date CV for each person involved in the management of the village, as well as a description of each person's role in the management of the village.

We've provided information about the key areas to address in the guidance material to Form RV5.

We may seek any additional information which is considered necessary to assist the Registrar in making their decision.

Filing your documents

Any documents to be filed with us can be sent to:

Registrar of Retirement Villages
Private Bag 92061
Victoria Street West
Auckland 1142


Registrar of Retirement Villages
Level 1
162 Victoria Street
Auckland 1010

Registrar's decision

If all information is supplied with the application, we'll consider the application within 20 working days.

If additional information is required, or there are disputed issues or technical issues requiring external investigation or advice, it may not be possible for us to consider the application before these additional steps are completed.

We'll send you a decision in writing, containing reasons for our decision.

Terms and conditions

The Registrar may make an exemption on the terms and conditions and for the period they think appropriate.

It is likely that exemptions will be granted for a specified number of years, but a further exemption may be sought where the applicant still qualifies for an exemption at that time.