About the Register of Screen Industry Organisations

The Screen Industry Workers Act 2022 created a Register of Screen Industry Organisations

This website is home to the Register of Screen Industry Organisations and is maintained by the Registrar of Screen Industry Organisations. If you’re a screen industry organisation that wants to register under the Screen Industry Workers Act 2022 (SIWA), we have the information and forms you’ll need to apply for and maintain your registration.

SIWA provides a new model to allow screen industry contractors to bargain collectively. It also creates the Register of Screen Industry Organisations.

To bargain collectively:

  • worker groups must register as a worker organisation.
    Worker organisations are guilds and unions that represent workers.
  • engager groups must register as an engager organisation.
    Engager organisations are organisations that represent producers, production companies, or businesses who hire screen production workers.

About the Act

SIWA provides a framework for workplace relationships in the screen industry. It sets rules for individual contracts in the industry. It also allows collective bargaining to cover work done by contractors in the screen industry, and provides access to dispute resolution services.

Related information

Who is eligible to register

To register as either a worker organisation or an engager organisation under SIWA, you must be an incorporated society registered under either the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 or the Incorporated Societies Act 2022.

In addition, you must either:

  1. be registered as a union under the Employment Relations Act 2000 or the Trade Unions Act 1908, or

  2. meet SIWA's requirements for registration.

Searching the register

If you need to check whether a screen industry organisation is registered as a worker organisation or as an engager organisation you can search the Register of Screen Industry Organisations.

You can download copies of any public documents, including its rules or constitution, its annual return of members and its Certificate of Registration. The Certificate of Registration confirms:

  • the date the organisation registered under SIWA, and
  • whether they’re an engager organisation or a worker organisation.

You can also see some information about the organisation, including its:

  • legal name
  • incorporation number
  • New Zealand Business Number
  • date of incorporation (when the organisation first registered as an incorporated society)
  • addresses
  • officer details (where they have been provided)