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Use this online form to report all complaints regarding alleged breaches of the Companies Act or any of the other legislation which the Registrar is responsible for regulating.

You can file your complaint anonymously. If you don't provide enough information and we can't contact you for additional information, we may need to close our investigation due to lack of evidence.

After we receive your complaint, our Integrity and Enforcement Team conduct an initial enquiry to gather information. Without sufficient information, our Integrity and Enforcement Team may not be able to progress your complaint.

Any information you provide may be disclosed to the person you've named so they can respond to the claim against them.

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Complete as many sections of our online complaint form as you can and provide as much detail as possible about the alleged offending.

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Include dates, names and phone numbers of witnesses, and any other relevant information.
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To ensure your complaint is processed quickly, make sure you include all relevant supporting documents. We can't take any action until we receive these documents.

Documents you upload to this online form must have a combined size of less than 50MB. If they're larger, you need to complete and print our Complaint detail sheet. Post this, along with your supporting documents, to the address at the top of the Complaint detail sheet.

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If you have you filed the same complaint with any other agencies indicate them here: 

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