New Zealand Business Number (NZBN)

Helping New Zealand businesses to connect and interact

The globally unique identifier available to all businesses

The NZBN is a globally unique identifier available to all businesses in New Zealand. The NZBN helps them to better connect and interact, through a shared network of information. That’s because the NZBN links to core business information which organisations are most often asked for.

As more businesses begin using their NZBN and start to share more information, it will open up a world of possibilities. Businesses will be able to see supply chains, build trusted networks, find and assess providers, improve customer service and a whole lot more.

The power to connect organisations

The real potential of the NZBN lies in its power to connect. It will help organisations work together and develop new opportunities. It will create a transactional environment with greater certainty of identity, more reliable information, less duplication and much-needed efficiency.

In the short term it will save businesses time and money as they won’t have to update key information multiple times and in a variety of ways. Invoicing and procurement will be more efficient and business transactions such as onboarding new suppliers and customers will be faster and simpler.

NZBN will replace other business identifiers

Over time, the NZBN will replace other business identifiers, such as the Company Registration Number and will become the primary number used by businesses to interact with other businesses and government agencies.

Similar business identifier systems operate in other countries including Australia, Singapore, Norway, the Netherlands, Canada, India and Malaysia. The NZBN and Australian Business Number (ABN) will be mutually recognised in each country.

Our role

The Companies Office administers the NZBN register which is responsible for the allocation of the NZBN for New Zealand businesses.

The NZBN register holds the core business information, called primary business data, for each business that has an NZBN. Core business information is typically the information businesses are most likely to be asked to share with business and government agencies, such as their trading name, physical address and email.

The NZBN and associated core business information for each business can be shared and updated across the public and private sectors through the NZBN eco-system.

Find out more

The NZBN website provides information about the NZBN and how to use it and the primary business data associated with an NZBN. You can also search the NZBN register.